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Green Shoot Films is a unique film production company that offers a full local and international production service, in an enviromentally friendly way. Our team and our clients are people who 'make a difference' through what they do and what they give back to the world, and our productions are 'movies that matter'.

In return, we offer quality service, excellent production values and find the most cost effective ways to give our clients exactly what they need to achieve their vision. We also produce films that highlight important issues, give a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard, and generally try and bring about change for the better.


Green Shoot Films is passionate about the highest quality film and commercial productions! We love working on projects about things that really matter, and with clients who have the welfare of people and the environment and people at the heart of their corporate culture. We care about the art in film, endangered wildlife and this planet we call home. We love people who give a damn, and we love helping with the social upliftment of people who need it!

As an 'offshoot' of Tidal Wave Productions, one of the most successful commercial and film productions companies in South Africa for the past 15 years, Green Shoot Films is taking film production in South Africa in a wonderful new direction! Welcome to our 'green' world!



So we're often asked what makes us different to other production companies? What does it mean that all our productions are 'green'? Film production is often wasteful and unsustainable. Air travel,  truck fuel, generators, etc. all create CO2 emissions, which add to negative climate change. Green Shoot Films is committed to sustainable film productions that limit our carbon footprint, reduce whatever carbon emissions we can, and offset those we can't. We support recycling in every way, and adopt environmentally sound and sustainable production practices. Most importantly, our entire production team is committed to our 'green' philosophy and to our efforts to make a difference through our film production practices! All our Green Shoot Films productions are based on the following principles:
-  'less is more' ... we simplify things wherever we can
-  we recycle wherever we can
-  we use renewable energy where possible
-  we choose conference and video calls over travel
-  we save paper, water and time on our shoots
-  we use energy efficient equipment where possible
-  we use energy-saving lamps in the office and on set
-  our catering is done with local and organic food 
-  we choose tap water over bottled water where possible
-  we use eco-friendly products on set
-  we employ a recycling company to dispose of waste after shoots
-  we try and shoot in environments that benefit crew, cast



Green Shoot Films is affiliated with a number of bright, bold and innovative partners in the film industry, all working together to change the medium into an environmentally friendly option. To save the planet we call home and provide a beautiful and healthy future for our children.

Our Green Consultants are Wrap Zero a consultancy that promotes and enables resource efficiency, waste reduction and socially responsible decision-making in film production. Find out more at

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