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Kids & Teens

Advanced Filmmaking

6-day Holiday Course

Guided by a team of professional filmmakers, this workshop is for kids who have a basic understanding of the aspects of filmmaking, or older kids who love a challenge. It introduces kids to a more in-depth view of the film world, as well as elements such as set building, hair & makeup, and film gear. A wonderful course for anyone thinking about a career in film when leaving school. Teens work in small groups with professional producers, directors, camera operators and editors, and they write, shoot, act, direct and edit a short film. They also learn about lighting, camera, sound and design, as well as how to work with iPhones and GoPro's to make great movies!


The course is a great way for kids to meet other like-minded young people, equally passionate about film. All participants receive a YouTube link to the film they create, with their name in the credits.

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